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John Heinricy Runoffs 2006 Videos Phoenix Performance, LLC

Horse Thief Mile, Willow Spring Raceway, Rosamond, CA

John Heinricy in Cobalt SS at Nurburgring Videos

Autoweek: “...John Heinricy, respected race driver and engineering executive for the GM Performance Division that builds the HHR SS, said the car turned an 8:43.52-minute lap at the Nürburgring. That eclipsed the class record of a 240-hp Opel Zafira OPC by >10 seconds.”

John Heinricy Sebring 2006 & Solstice Videos

John Heinricy on the new Cobalt SS


Various other articles with John Heinricy references

John Heinricy Runoffs 2005 Videos John Heinricy (driver emeritas) Emeritas_) John Heinricy’s HeinRocket Brochure John Heinricy, one of several driver who raced Phoenix-prepped cars, has won 11 SCCA Runoffs National Championships.    He is now retired from GM with 38 years experience in the  engineering of Corvette and other GM performance vehicles.

John Heinricy

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