Three Questions With the Top 3 – PWC GTS Class Leaders

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July 30, 2015 / Matt Kistler

In this new segment, we’ll be asking the top 3 class leaders

in each class three simple racing-related questions.  

We gave Pirelli World Challenge’s GTS top 3, these questions

to answer:

What is your favorite classic car livery (racing or street)?

Senna or Schumacher?

If you could have one teammate, alive or not, who would it be?

First up championshp leader: Andrew Aquilante

1) Earnhardt’s Black/Red/Silver Goodwrench #3

2) Schumacher, I wasn’t old enough to see Senna do his work.

3) Mark Donohue

Kurt Rezzetano

1) The gulf blue Ford GT40

2) Senna of course!

3) Peter Brock – that dude drove the wheels off the old V8 Supercar every time he got strapped in.

Dean Martin

1) I am a Mustang guy at heart so I will have to say the old Bud Moore #15 Boss 302 Mustang in red/black/white livery is my favorite.  I did like the old Saleen General Tire livery for a long time, but the Bud Moore car is my favorite.

2) I don’t think there is a wrong answer here.  Both of these drivers achieved incredible results in their time.  Since I was actually late to the racing scene, I didn’t get to many of Senna’s races.  I did get to see a lot of Schumacher’s success, so for that reason, I’d have to say Schumacher.

3) On this one I am going to go with a driver who is alive and that there would be a real chance to have as a teammate/co-driver, albeit a slaim chance.  I would like to drive with Nick Tandy.  One month ago, prior to Le Mans, not too many people knew who he was. I only knew him from his success in World Challenge when he showed up and kicked ass.  I was a distant admirer.  I recall as we walked through the tunnel at Toronto last last year after winning our class race, I took notice of this guy.  It was pretty weird because I don’t usually get impressed by many other drivers, but this guy just seemed different.  He struck me as a guy who knew he was a badass, but was very humble about it – like an Andy Pilgrim type of cool.

Then at the 24 he backed it up.

There truly are so many talented drivers that I would like to race with, but Nick Tandy is the first guy I thought of when I read that question.


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